The Decline and Fall of Marketing

It's been coming for a while, it's not like I haven't noticed.  

In fact a little over a year ago I scrubbed my website to shift away from the marketing dominant terminology.  When I talk to my clients in marketing language they quickly grow disinterested.  When I talk to my clients in strategy and innovation language they start nodding their heads. 

Dare I say it - marketing seems, well, so eighties.  It's dated - past its prime - and the career path I eagerly embraced as a brand management new hire at P&G has now officially been usurped by technology.  Marketing has morphed back to its roots in advertising to be more about social media and digital interaction (fueled by the way cool technology leaders).  So much so that the Wall Street Journal finally decided that the 27 year run of the Marketplace section was over. 

The new section is titled Business and Tech - although you can still find "Media and Marketing" on page B7 this morning.  (Yep the Media before Marketing was not lost on me.)  Frankly I'm surprised it took this long.