Focus on Growth

We work with clients on business issues that are most important to driving growth. Our process integrates frameworks for strategy development, design thinking, and leading innovation practices. We frequently draw upon the work of Roger Martin, the at Stanford, Business Model Generation, Doblin and others. At the same time, we easily integrate tools widely adopted by your leaders. Our engagements fall broadly into three key areas:

  • Growth strategies for mature businesses

  • Business model design for innovation teams

  • Strategic advising for leaders driving innovation

Alison brings a ton of horsepower in business strategy, marketing strategy, and overall critical
— Sara Armbruster, VP Strategy, Research and New Business Innovation - Steelcase
I have enjoyed working with you once a leader I learn and grow with each experience. Each team member has shared how much they value your strategy consulting and facilitation, and through your processes our team has the ability to think deeply about very complex problems and opportunities.
— Jody Hanson, GM - Steelcase
I never get the impression that Alison is trying to impress me by how much she knows or how smart she is. Instead, she always comes across as someone who simply enjoys - and even gets energized by - working collaboratively with others...Alison has a special gift.
— Jim Macaulay, CFO - The Marvin Companies
Alison facilitated the development of TIDI’s strategic focus towards the larger and faster growing acute care market place, and was instrumental in guiding and aligning management to support this major shift in focus. TIDI has successfully executed this transformation and it continues to be the strategic focus of the company.
— Kevin McNamara, President and Chief Executive Officer – TIDI Products, LLC
There are a lot of consultants out there who tout themselves as ‘strategic’. Alison is the rare individual who truly thinks like a strategic marketer. She effectively brings a team along the journey to enhance an organization’s competitive advantage via business model design, market segmentation, and elements of design thinking which ensures empathy for the customer remains at the core. From a practical point of view she does her homework, she is thoughtful and a very quick study even in a new industry and scenario.
— Marne Keller-Krikava, President & CEO - J.J. Keller & Associates
Thank you so much for your grace, your skill, and your homework which made today very good. I’m looking forward to the continued journey. You handled us very well today and moved us, as a group, where we needed to go.
— Jamie Loehnis, Executive Director – Mooring Programs, Inc.
You have no idea how helpful our conversation was yesterday. Right now I’m so in the trees I’ve been having a hard time fully seeing the forest and articulating the path. Your questions and approach are so spot on and engaging. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
— Mary Haller, Director – Goodwill Industries, NCW
You are the best! Thank you for all you have done for me and STEP. You are inspiring.
— Michelle Devine-Giese, President – STEP Industries